To win in life requires wisdom. I mean insight into realities or truth. This is because at every point in our lives we have to make choices. That is as we make decisions that affect our lives – good or bad.

To move us forward or take us off the path of progress. And the reason for this is because we cannot distinguish between what we want and what we need.

You may want to sleep at a certain time but what you need at that time is to be awake watching to be alive. So you can prepare for the opportunity coming your way. Or maybe to avert that danger that slipped in incognito.

You may want to reject the knowledge of God but that is what you need for a balanced life. A child may not want to eat but she needs food to grow well. It is best to have what you want equal to what you need.

What we want might be very convenient. It may be an urgent release of emotions. A good pleasurable activity and soothing to calm our bodies and our senses. This may be good, expedient,  beneficial and reasonable . But it takes wisdom, deep insight to know what is needed at that moment of time.

This is where a lot of people miss it in life. Once it feels and looks good they jump at it.

What we need is truth about everything and anything. It is called purpose. And it has timing to it. There is the right purpose and right timing and right action. These are the elements of wisdom- the principal thing in our lives of progress.

Don’t say I can’t do this or accept this except you know the truth and wisdom about it. Because you may just be relishing in what you want rather than what you need.

In conclusion what is Wisdom or truth ?  Truth or Wisdom is the Way and the abundant Life unveiled to man in Christ. And the life is the light that illumines the life of all men in the world.

So don’t be ignorant of Truth. It is the Word and wisdom of God.

Don’t be ignorant of the Word for it is your life.

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