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The secret of your success in life lies in your ability to discover your purpose and to create the perfect business that suits your personality and cater to your  present and future  needs. Therein lies true success and fulfillment: because it shows you are doing the work you love; and are born to do.

Before you begin your journey of success let me share with you the three Important values I learnt from Michael Leboeuf :

  1. There is only one success- living your life your dream- your way.
  2.  One negative stress- not to feel in control of your life.
  3.  And one failure- when you quit trying to realize your dreams.

If you incorporate these three values in your life they will radically change your work ethics and put you in the highway of success.

Things To Do.

  1. Draw up your personal life plan that includes short term, medium and long term goals . This plan should be based on your identified purpose and the work you know you were born to do. Because this is where you have to have a revelation. So the life plan should cover your spiritual, financial, academic, health and family aspirations.
  2. Don’t work for money. Invest in yourself to have the right mind set, skills and to know opportunities when they present themselves as they always do. So seek to meet them as they show up in the needs of others( human needs). This is your personality kissing your perfect business to give you the control and freedom you need. This way you won’t be stressed up trying to work for money.
  3. Never give up on yourself by quitting on anything you were passionate to have started. Because trials and difficulties will come on the way. But never give up or quit by making sure you minimize excuses. If you make this your habit you will never know failure. 

See you at the top.

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