We wake up everyday with such an urgency to discover we have things to do. God graciously gave everyone the same number of hours in a day. Time is the only resource we all have in equal amount What we do with it or how we manage it is the differential. Ironically the poor is time -rich and the rich is time-poor. Why is that so?

The rich is able to distinguish Urgency from importance in the use of time.

Things To Note.

  1. Every day we all do things, which produces different results or values.
  2.  Urgent things are always not important  but sometimes can be.
  3. Important things are always not urgent but can be at times.
  4. If you spend your time responding to the things that always seem urgent your life is going to be less successful than it could ever be. And worst if is on routine things that are neither important or urgent.

Examples of Urgency Preferred Over Importance.

  1. Driving frantically to meet the time to watch a football game is urgent but getting there safely is important.
  2. Finishing a project or an assignment on time is urgent but doing a quality job is important.
  3. Working long hours to get your business of the ground is urgent but making time to exercise properly, eat and rest well is important.
  4. Watching your favorite show on TV every day by a certain time is urgent but having your show on TV is important.
  5.  To have  a luxurious car and expensive clothing for that occasion is urgent, but having a savings and investment to become financially free is important.
  6.  Spending your time on playing games is urgent, but developing a game is important.
  7.  Forsaking to serve God and pursuing your career for the next promotion in your office is urgent. But assurance of eternal rest when you die is important.

Summary And Conclusion 

  1. This is the reason many people are working harder. It is a lack of the wisdom of choice and prioritization.
  2. The reason so many are poor, pressed for time and seemed hemmed in life.
  3.  When important things are neglected for too long  sooner than later they become the urgent and important  things. These are the result of  money crises, health crisis, business crisis and family crisis.
  4.  Let us be wise in our use of time,distinguishing between Urgency and importance. Like the Psalmist I was young now I am older learn from my advice.
  5. A man is the sum total of his or her choices. So commit yourself to the important things in life.

God bless you.

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