To facilitate the use of the BALCH Code-3 program; it is important that users acquaint themselves with these keywords and their meanings.

  1. Acknowledge. Is to accept, admit, or recognize something, the truth or existence of something
  2. Meditate : To think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence on something, a thought, object, the Word  until the idea becomes one with you . Until the object of meditation  becomes something you shout about or propels you to action. Other synonyms are contemplate, ponder, cogitate, muse about something.
  3. Consciousness. Is the state of being awake and aware of one’s surrounding. That is awareness, wakefulness, alertness, responsiveness, sentience .To be awake to reality.
  4. Affirmation : the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. To say the same thing as was said earlier ; assertion, declaration, proclamation, attestation etc. In this case what God said about YOU.
  1. Knowledge :  facts, information,and skills acquired by a person through experience or education or revelation ; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Knowledge is an intangible asset gained by experience of a fact or situation. It includes a compression, apprehension, mastery, a grasp , understanding. 
  2.   Module: It represents each of a set of standardized parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure, such as an item of furniture or a building. Also it is : 
    • an independent self-contained unit of something for example in COMPUTING
      a Module is any number of distinct but interrelated units from which a program may be built up or into which a complex activity may be analyzed like a BALCH Code-3..
  3. Knowledge Module: With regard to BALCH Code-3 program a knowledge Module is a set of standard questions and answers life demands of everyone living in the world. Such questions as : who am I? Why am I ? etc This is to know your WHY- Purpose and your WHAT and the HOW of or to life.  
  4. Business : refers to  all we do with our life in order  to express the gift of life from Source. This includes all conceivable human activities in the world e,g your job, vocation , schooling, profession, enterprise, family,, pleasure  etc. 
  5. Life: Is the breath or substance in you. The force, energy, animation of the spirit life and substance in your physical body. There is the God Life, the human life, animal life and plant life. All lives come from Source.
  6. Source. Refers to origin, beginning of life and creation,  the Word at the beginning,  And the source of your inspiration.
  7. Purpose : This is the reason for your life. Or the big WHY for your life.
  8. Use: Is your application of life and its activities in relation to purpose. There is the  right and wrong use of  things by a person or a group.
  9. Outcome. The result , effect, consequence from use by a person or group. 
  10. Activities . State of being active by virtue of life in us. The things we are able to do because we are alive.
  11. Sub conscious :It is the latent, suppressed ,subliminal , dormant, hidden , intuitive, innate, involuntary; informal, bottled up  state of being. The sub conscious mind warehouses man’s ideals ( desires.) These great desires are way deep down in this latent state; which the ordinary mind cannot process unless by the influence of the Spirit of life  Another point worth noting is that the sub conscious mind is the real man or self. It has the soul by which it operates. All humans are born with sub consciousness deep in their spirit. Hence they struggle with their identity as they function at the level of the mind and the senses . They  are not able to explore the deep treasures or riches in their spirit until there is an awakening in their sub conscious state.
  12. Mind: is the seat ; where reasoning, thinking and processing of information is done. It is within the soul and it is the connection of the outward man ( body ) to the human spirit ( subconscious mind ) or the inward man.
  13. Two worlds: this phrase refers to the realm of the spirit and the physical world ( earth) man lives and exists at the same time. So man is known to live in two worlds on the earth. A free moral agent with the power of choice.
  14. Emotions : a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, present situation , mood, or relationships with others. For example John was attempting to control his emotions when he was arrested for cheating.   Other synonyms are feeling, sentiment, sensation. We all have emotions which must be managed properly.
  15. Reasoning. the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way. It is working from Outside ( the known ) to the Inside ( the unknown). There is instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge. In reasoning responses have to be based on historical insight, not simply on emotion( instinct, intuition, gut feeling and inclination). Reasoning is done with the mind.
  16. Believing: is accepting something and acting accordingly or being propelled in the  direction of your beliefs .Believing is done with the heart ; the human spirit -the sub conscious mind. It is not an activity of the mind. For this reason it is considered a spiritual action or activity. The Word is the basis of our believing. For you cannot be believing what is already visible to the senses according to the BALCH program.
  17. Faith: is seeing the unseen. Calling real the things that are not physically obvious to the senses. It is the basis for the law of Attraction. To live by faith is a higher standard of living. It living  beyond the limitations of time and space in the world.
  18. Word: Are seeds. To produce a language and life ( bad ,good and a great life ) you have created . By words we are justified, made rich and healthy and by words we are broken and condemned
  19. Mind set. It is the programming of the mind by the kind of information and beliefs, facts and opinions we have accepted as our reality or truths for living.  A mind set is a fixed mental attitude of an individual which affects his or her  thinking, reasoning , communication, attitude  and actions as he or she lives the life.
  20. Souls : The soul is the active or living substance in a man, object or organization.For example the soul of a man, a family, an organization and even of nations. The soul comprises the mind, emotions, will and the intellect. The development of the soul is shown by the mind set- presented in four kinds : basic, silver, gold or premium mind sets.
  21. Human Spirit. This is the real man. The self or the sub conscious mind The meeting place of man and his SOURCE. The human spirit is the center or home of spiritual activities ; this is where the Source seeks to influence and impart His kind of life.
  22. Spirit : This refers to the One Universal Spirit, the Omni potency Of  Source , spiritual  power or energy, light of life and the Spirit of “The Godhead”. The One who made the universe and the earth and bears witness on the earth.
  23. Change.: This has to do with the act or instance of making or becoming different; transitioning from one state to another. From one level of glory to a higher and a better  level. A journey of progress that we can track through mind management- mind setting.
  24. Code: a formula, secret that encapsulates truth. Code- 3 as in BALCH Code-3 encapsulates an individual’s or a group life, business and the changes as a three dimensional experience culminating in a certain outcome.
  25. Accountability: the fact or condition of being accountable; answerable and being responsible for and to someone. This is against the background we don’t live or exist for ourselves neither do we have the LAST WORD on our destiny. BALCH Code-3 upholds our accountability to our Source, to ourselves, family, other people, society etc.  Accountability is our obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for our actions ( in judgment ) and in matters that have to do with us.
  26. Balanced life: This is the harmonization of one’s two worlds of our existence at every point in time.  This is with the understanding that the ‘ two-worlds’  exist and work’  parri- passi ‘( together) to give our lives meaning and fulfillment now and into the future. It is best demonstrated by the  union of Source and the sub conscious mind with  the renewal of the conscious mind to attract to us  all the good things we desire for the abundant life. This is being in sync with the will of God for our lives. How ? By aligning our decisions with the Word and will of Source. Not just on the sensual and reasoning level but by the inspiration of the Spirit .
  27. Destiny: According to the Cambridge dictionary destiny means 1. the things that will happen in the future: 2. the force that some people think controls what happens in the future, and is outside human control: 3. the particular state of a person or thing . In the BALCH Code-3 program one of the modules is that God is responsible for destiny and He has the power to give and change destinies. In this wise there is a Natural destiny and Divine destiny representing the two worlds . The two are not mutually exclusive. Walking in Divine destiny is considered the basis of the best of minds typified  by the PREMIUM MIND SET of the BALCH Code-3 program.
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