Fathers are missing in action in most homes. The world is facing a shortage of fathers in such an increasing and alarming rate because many baby daddies are no longer there to take responsibility of fatherhood.

Therefore, this has resulted widely in the exploitation of many distracted young men and women who the various Social Media platforms have adopted one way or the other all over the world.

Does this resonate with you?

If it does let us start a dialogue first by being a contributor to this blog.

The continual absence of fathers in most homes, have greatly affected the ability of most single moms. They no longer can provide all the needs a father should. However, some have tried to but not exactly have been able to meet up.

The absence of “Baby daddies” and the army of distracted youths” (distracted young population) is bad for the society. And if this trend is not arrested and reversed immediately, everything in the next five years max (marriage, families, crime, incarceration, suicide and death etc.) will spiral out of control.

Therefore everyone, institution, government, schools and churches have a big role to play.

So, lets all step up to do the needful.

And to all Baby Mamas, Baby Daddies, boys and girls shout out to you. We have a place for you in our hearts. You are not alone. We are ready to walk you through life and connect every dot to your dream.

In addition, in our bid to saving fatherhood and providing guidance and support, we will do our best through our Life Management Series as we continue to bring you life changing words. that will help to minister to your needs..

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