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Our Services

Scrum Master / Product Development
IT Auditor
Tax, Credit, Retirement & Investment Advisor
Power & Energy Advisor
PasS & SaaS Retailer

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Mentoring & Counseling

Our mentoring and counseling span mental health for individuals and families

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Power & Energy

Cheap and Sustainable Energy for your home, business and success. TimEnergy has the answer.

Cyber Security & IT

We have all the tools and expertise to cover you and your business. Your internet experience is about to start.

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Real Estate

From home ownership to skyscrapers. In every city and every county. we will help you achieve your dream house.

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We cater to the needs of the market through our various arms knowing how frequent change is today

As product developers, we coach and advocate the SAfe Agile BALCH CODE-3 framework.

As IT Auditors we work with organizations to stay compliant with regulations ( SOX. SOC 1&2, PCIDSS. SDLC, HIPAA etc)

Under Tax, Credits, Retirement and Investment we assist our clients with the best allocation of assets to maximize returns on them. For example our offerings of IULs, Real Estate investments, Estate planning to our clients

On SaaS we are vendors to Onpassive the leading internet and AI company

Why Balch Code-3?

Balanced life: This is the harmonization of one’s two worlds of our existence at every point in time.

What You Get

Best Result for your money,  Best Result for your Business.