The BALCH Code-3 lifestyle program is easy to live and express because it is derived from factors common to all men or to the human nature. These are; first our common origin- SOURCE.

Secondly our uniqueness in terms of reason for being-PURPOSE.

And lastly our assignmetnts-WORK which is different. And also explains our  contribution and giving to the commonwealth of the world. Therefore how much you enjoy your life will be a function of your contribution/giving rather than your taking from it.

Understanding these differences is often measured by how you do the following:

  1. Manage Your Time
  2. Manage And Apply Your Mind
  3. Use Your Mouth
  4. Manage Your Money
  5. Relate Or Manage The people In Your world.

Our Personal Role.

Our individual role in the results we attain in life cannot be overemphasized.

Because success in life starts with knowing your purpose and planning for it; beginning with the discovery ; owning it and living the purpose and constantly fine tuning it.


The key thing therefore is management; which is your role in the allocation of the resources at your disposal to achieve the GOAL set by YOU.

Sadly some people believe that success can be achieved without a conscious effort on one’s part .

Not so; it takes grace and hard work to attain success and enjoy it. The emphasis here is ENJOY not OVERWHELM as life has become for some.


The beauty about the BALCH Code-3 program is its holistic approach on life because of its fundamental approach to common issues of SOURCE, PURPOSE and the expression of life in the HUMAN ACTIVITIES we have to engage.

Kindly refer to my previous blog posts on the fundamentals.

We can help work you through these five areas.

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