Maintaining the right relationship is pivotal to success or failure in the lives of people everywhere.

The clearer the meaning of the phenomenon and what it entails, the more people are prepared to put in efforts to cultivate and nurture it.

For instance in my quiet moments I have reminisced on my relationships; past and present.

I found out interestingly, that I have evolved and matured over time by reason of the things I shall be sharing in this series of posts.

What is Relationship?

In essence, according to Google, “Relationship”  is;

  “The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected or the state of being connected

Put differently it is our connection to one another like being a family, or a group characterized by the same nature and behavior enabling exchange to take place for mutual benefit.

This entails oneness, association, ecosystem, togetherness, fellowship, participation and partnership.

In other words, relationship has to do with our oneness in nature or our collaboration to make an experience whole for mutual benefit. This is under girded with knowledge of the possible exchanges including the positive and negative elements in that union. What are the shapes and types of these communion or connections? And why do we have to manage them?

Why Manage Relationships?

Since relationships include all we deal with in life. It is important we know them and manage them effectively for a fruitful and productive life.

Our life expression includes both human and spiritual activities. For instance, these are all the things, objects, circumstances and people etc. that are connected to us or we relate to directly and indirectly.

These things or objects can affect us positively or negatively whether we know them or not. Like the laws of gravity, the law of cause and effect, sowing and reaping etc.

They are natural laws inherent in creation. For instance the air we breathe, the stranger on the streets we walk pass every day, the unseen God we wish we can talk to face to face. Our environment the scientists and everyone prefers to be green, the evil in the world, as much as our relationship with our families, neighbors , money and most intriguing of all our association with ourselves all need to be managed properly.

First, they must all need to be put in the right perspectives.

5 kind of Relationships

These are the five basic relationships we have as human beings living in two worlds on the earth (with our bodies, spirits and souls);

  1. The relationship with Your Self. Do you know you? Do you love you?
  2. Your relationship with other People:  beside you and your immediate family (spouse, children and siblings).
  3. Relationship with the World, environment and material things.
  4. Your relationship with Evil, poverty, sickness, hate, strife, fighting and death.
  5. Relationship with your Source or God and the basis of the relationship.

Acknowledge your Relationships

We need to recognize and cultivate these relationships for a full and productive life both here and hereafter.

As you become conscious of these relationships and respond accordingly, the clutter and boredom of living in this world would begin to pale off.  And it will give way to the true essence of living the good life. Also note, that because of a good relationship it will also radiate the glory of the purpose for which life was birthed in us.

We didn’t come to this world for nothing. We all came for a purpose; for a reason.

There is a reason you were born. That is your why? The challenge for us is finding our WHY and pursuing it with known and definite strategies.

These are the tools we shall be expanding on in subsequent series beginning with identifying the various levels of man’s relationships and their management.

The importance of knowing the impact of these relationships on your life will save you from the evil and dangers of living in the world. Above all, it will promote in you joy, peace and fulfillment which i  believe you want.

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