Role of Parents in Child Development

Parents take for granted the formation and development of the personality of their children which starts in the womb and begins to evolve over time. The personality of children is strongly dependent on the role’s parents play. Children raised by God fearing fathers and mothers tend to do better than those raised otherwise. Life itself is a gift to us all. And it is for a purpose and for a specific assignment on the earth which everyone needs to recognize and train for.

To be swayed or bullied by another person or wrong ideology is something one has to be surefooted not be a victim.

What is bullying?

Bullying is an unwanted, aggressive behavior mostly among children, teenagers and young adults but sadly it has spiraled over to the adults especially Cyber bullying. This attitude tends to prevent the bullied person from being him or herself. These people in my opinion need help especially from parents and loved ones who know the truth. So as a parent how do you know your kids are under attack from bullies?

  1. First noticeable sign is when you observe your kid is withdrawn; and being timid in expressing themselves. And these days kids staying on their cell phones make it difficult to know. My advice; as a parent, you should seek to know who and what your kids are watching and talking about. As a matter of fact, this will give you an indication of what is happening in their lives. A stranger, a million miles away may just be holding your kid hostage.
  2. Unusual behavior; Some display untoward mannerisms which you can decode from engaging your kids. Enjoy engaging them as often you can in healthy discussions: Such as his or her hobbies; about his or her sexuality; body formation and personality changes; about God and about his or her goals in life.  Watch their response. Initially it might look awkward; just like when you wanted to drive a car the first time.
  3. Take a pulse of the anger level he or she manifest as they relate with you and other people. Does the child easily get frustrated? Does he or she like the company of others?  Is he afraid of something he or she thinks others know? Therefore, take note of these attitudes and adopt a counselling approach in your relationship with the child.
  4. Mood swing. Does he or she have noticeable mood swings? This is a sign something is bothering the child. It could be a bully out there. Notice a bully can be a physical person, a thing or a kind of imaginary mental blocks. Whatever kind it is, it is a bully, and you must discover it on time and get it out from your kid.
  5. Sleep walking. This is an invasion or intrusion of demonic presence. Parents; don’t forget humans are essentially spirit beings capable of functioning spiritually even though we are cast in a human body. Your child may just have been possessed by a negative spirit. Therefore you need a Spirit filled mentor pastor to help you out quickly. Spiritual problem often referred to by medical personnel  as mental disorders today is real. So parents don’t be naive. Quickly seek help accordingly to arrest the situation before it gets out of hand..

In Conclusion

As a matter of fact, most young people at one point or the other have been exposed to bullying in their life time. How a child responds to this is very critical for their survival in the market place of life. Therefore, parents must know when their kids are being bullied at school, place of worship, recreation centers etc. so they can step in and offer the assistance they can while still in control.

In conclusion, self-discovery and change along the journey of life is available to everyone. It would been great if we all get it right from start to finish. We don’t get it all made always early in life. We all miss it. A few people tend to get it right early while some don’t.  And that is why there is a provision for Change for the many who life has dealt a big blow especially from the bullies in the world (physical or spiritual). Change is available. It comes to us all, we only need to recognize the game changing occasion or moment and take it. Read, like and share.



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  1. Thank you Pastor Tim, it’s good to know and thereby observe and take precaution. I had no idea about sleep walking and its relationship to negative spirits. I am grateful for the write up. It was quite an eye opener.

  2. Spending quality time to observe & listen to your children as they grow is definitely an essential key to building a healthy personality in your child. You can only do something about what you observe in your child.

    1. Absolutely. We must be observant as parents.

  3. Thank you Chioma for making a note of sleep walking as one of the points I identified as a sign that a kid is being harassed. Apart from being self destructive it is an unwanted condition. What you will read most times is that it is caused by not having enough rest,or hereditary factors etc. In dealing with bullying and harassment we often focus on the big guy who threatens and manipulate the weaker person for some narcissistic reason. The root cause of every bullying behavior stem from evil. Sleep walking is definitely a spiritual/mental disorder. I am trying to sensitize parents to probe further when they see such manifestations in their kids because it is frustrating to the sleep walker. And it can’t be explained away. Whether it is hereditary or not; probe it further because it has a source: a cause and effect in a two world existential reality of human beings in the world.

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