GPS the earthly direction

People generally need direction in life because there is a script already written about them by God. It is just like the potter and the pot of clay. God has made man for His purpose and for His enjoyment. He wants to enjoy you. Because  He has chosen you to show forth his glory and beauty.  So will you allow Him in this new year? The good thing is He allows you and expects you to make your choices. 

Finding our purpose in life and pursuing it is a major choice we all have to make. Some find it early and step into it for a jolly ride all the way till the end. While others have been known to have stumbled along and eventually get on their right track and destiny; for some others they have surrendered and a few others had never imagined they have a choice to make.


Life as you must have found out is spiritual. Man exists and lives in two worlds: in the spirit world and in the physical world. And it is only by the Holy Spirit you can navigate the two worlds successfully. That is what our natural Global Positioning System (GPS) is famous for here in the world. It helps people especially commuters to navigate their way. 

The system provides geolocation and time information to a GPS receiver or user on the earth. This is possible via a network of satellites (artificial objects intentionally placed into orbit for that purpose). Our earthly experiences in my estimation mirror life in the spirit realm. This is why, we must turn our heart (satellite) to God to receive direction.


What do you suppose the Holy Spirit can show you this year and beyond?  I call this GRP.  This is your GLOBAL RECEIVING PORTAL of your heart for abundance of GRACE, RIGHTEOUSNESS and PROMOTION.

Again the GPS helps to gather important information to aid decisions in planning movement, organizing, directing and in the execution of activities that people engage in from time to time on the earth. Your mind set is a kind of GPS. So you will need to work on your mind set in this new year.

This is the difference between many people in the world. Success or failure depends on this. So don’t walk in selfishness,  no not in pride or laziness too.

The first law of the human race is self-survival and self-protection. So the tendency for human beings is to be selfish; a kind of corruption in the human spirit (nature). Receive life that is in Christ and be alive this new year.

On the other hand, the Global Receiving Portal GRP is designed to receive and distribute power and abilities for God’s good pleasure and your enjoyment. It is already set up to guide you. All you need is to activate it by BELIEVING the grand plan for you not REASONING your way through life.


Believe. Only believe. The natural GPS user – man or woman  sometimes is led on a longer route, a kind of rigmarole before he or she finally arrives at the destination.  Don’t forget self, greed and pride propel the natural you.  If you would only believe, that thee GRP man or woman is resting on the grace, righteousness, peace and promotion that comes from God. Wow!

So in managing your life it is better to put yourself on auto pilot; by cultivating your human spirit with God’s word. This is affirming your trust in the fidelity of your relationship with God. By His Spirit through His Son has reached out to you and every man in the world with love, to remit our sins, give us His type of life and brought us into fellowship with Himself. So as He welcomes you to the new year, be bold and strong for the race ahead. Amd let your light shine so brightly for all to see.

Lastly, you may need to drop some habits that have kept you on the same level for so long. Never you cringe to the external GPS alone to find your way. Add your  in built  GRP ( human spirit) to guide you in the way of truth and  life. So  go with a spiritually minded MIND of the GPS and GRP together.  Enjoy your  year.

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