Children A Man’s Wealth

Many years ago back in Africa, the number of kids a man has, were a measure of his wealth and strength.

It was common for a man to have many wives so he could have them give birth to many children.

In most part, some fathers, especially the uneducated ones, did not care much about raising their kids. Neither were they interested in improving the quality of their lives.

They had no positive idea of what it takes to face the world, and to cause a change in it.

People generally lived from one day to another,  without any aspirations to excel or improve on themselves.

Many people were born under such traditional background and environment, where it did not matter what the future holds for them.

They start out in life not knowing much about the world outside the village. And the circle continues year in year out until someone who by providence destined by God eventually gets pass the norm and makes a difference.

This was the case of  Mansul a young man, who beats the odds to be different amidst many challenges. Find out more in the book “Famiy Quest”.

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