The soul is the active or living substance in a man, object or organization. There is the soul of a man, a family, an organization and of nations.

The kind or type of soul we have reflects the dominant values, culture and attitudes and relationships that characterize our  personalities.

In the BALCH Code -3 approach to life, success and empowerment it advances the argument that what the central nervous system (spinal cord and the brain)  is to the human body is what the soul (mind, intellect, will and emotions) is to the the spirit of man, and for the overall functioning and balance of the human person.

The human person has two main configuration which is made up of the human body or the outward man and the human spirit or the inward man.

The inward man is the spirit with its soul. This is what gives human beings  their true personality. It is not how you look physically that determines your personality. But many put their trust in that and it has led them in the wrong path in ife.

The soul is the active part of the inward man . As we cultivate the human spirit and renew the mind with the WORD we are empowering the inward man. It is the best approach to  motivation and empowerment of your work force and human beings in general  And this is the inside -out approach to motivation and wholeness.

Producing the highest quality of soul is the goal of a BALCH Code-3 approach. It establishes the ‘Why and How ‘ of the state of affairs of the individual or organization. With a great soul the individual or organization thrives excellently.  On the whole it gives us an attitude or a mind set. And this delivers to us the good life at every stage of our life.

Our mind set which is our fixed mental attitude is critical to our success in life. Most times people don’t know they have a bad attitude. Your attitude is your inner programming. Influenced by your background, education and all your teachers in life. It mirrors your progress in life. And it can be measured by our BALCH Code-3 program.

Also a BALCH Code-3 program  helps you identify and remove negative stuffs as you move from basic, to silver, to gold and a premium mind set in its categorization of mind sets .

Overall the importance of capturing the Soul is in measuring how well the entity performs in relation to the potentials that exists.

This includes knowing the condition of the mind and by extension the state of the forces of the soul – our emotions, intellect, willpower and reasoning. The purpose of the BALCH Code-3 is to attain the highest mind set – the premium mind set. This is an excellent mind which we call the mind set of the just. That is the righteous man : this wise, assured and confident man in his Source and not on Self.

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