Part 5


1- There is power within every object, individual, family and organization. And the power can be harnessed into its maximum potential ; an inside advantage,For example in humans our human life/ nature is the power within us.

2- There is a PURPOSE behind every creation and a MEANS ( system ) linked with the creation , person  or object for the realization of his or its purpose -potentials : thus making discovering of purpose a major pursuit for humans.

3-All humans live in two worlds. In the spirit and in the physical world. And there is a knowledge gulf between the spirit realm and the physical world we live as human beings. In other words there is a lot man does not understand or know with the senses and by the mind. The reality of the two worlds underscores the need for a deeper insight into truth for living. Just as the  scriptures describes it in Proverbs 9:10b “ the knowledge of the holy is understanding “. This means participating in the nature of God as humans is oneness with God and is the way of success.

4-Every human person is a spiritual being and functions spiritually. And to maximize our potentials we are expected to have a unity of spirit with the Eternal Spirit.  This is to be united or joined with the divine to deal wisely in the affairs of life. This is a major requirement for BALCH Code 3 experience:. This is because of the spiritual energy this experience produces in the heart of man ( faith, righteousness, love , wisdom etc ) needed to live a successful life in the world.

5- There is always room for improvement or growth in our present state or condition : in our abilities, character, spiritual quality , finances, influence etc as we desire for change. We need to change and respond to change.

6- There is one best way to deal with anything and everything in the world. This is the wisdom of God about that thing. In other words there is a blueprint or script already written about anything and everything ( phenomenon, problems, answers etc ) in the universe. In other words our challenges or difficulties in life are mere disconnections between purpose and our realities. So solutions to problems are in realigning the dots or links to a known purpose to have wholeness.

7- All forms of life come from the Eternal Spirit ( God ). And man is the highest form of creation.; made in the image and likeness of the Eternal Spirit with a material body. He has capacity like his Maker to create with the mind and to bring civilization through enterprise to the world as a free moral agent.

In the BALCH Code 3 study it has been emphasized that since the mind is the seat of creativity  the mind needs adequate management; constant renewal, effective programming or  re- programming to give it a maximum boost for excellent performance. A BALCH Code-3 is a power point; that sets up an automatic process  to boost performance and productivity.  There are four categories representing the different mind sets( premium, gold, silver, bronze ).

And according to the BALCH Code -3 model  a mind set is triggered through the operation of Source on matter- by your ACA( your acknowledgements, consciousness and affirmations) on the KNOWLEDGE MODULES- life’s critical questions revealed in the Word- Eternal Spirit. It is our symbiotic relationship with our Source to produce excellence in our own life- often described as “ nothing missing and nothing broken in us”- our wholeness spirit, soul and body.

Don’t forget you live in two worlds and you can live a balanced life as much as you can ; just by getting familiar with the  3 Keywords( acknowledgement, consciousness and affirmation) and use of them on the knowledge modules ( life’s critical Questions  ) like Who am I? Where am at?  Why am like this? etc. based on the Source -WORD.

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