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BALCH Code-3 : THE FOUR DIFFERENT MIND SETS PT.4 - Biz & life Change
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Part 4

The Four Mind Sets

BALCH Code3 program has these four categorization of mind sets:

1-Premium BALCH Code-3

2-Gold BALCH Code-3

3-Silver BALCH Code-3′

4-Bronze BALCH Code-

The premium BALCH Code-3 is the highest soul quality, typified by a winning mind set which gives the abundant life. The least is the bronze BALCH Code-3 and in between are the gold and silver BALCH Code-3 mind sets. The  Bronze mind set represents the mind of the person or organization that does not factor in the Source as having any impact on their performance. The Gold and the Silver mind sets as well as the Premium mind set recognize Source as the reason for purpose. Therefore rolls in all their plans, work ethics and habits to their overall strategy and execution.

It is common knowledge today that technology has taken a center stage in the world’s affairs. As good as this is ; it shouldn’t take the place of humans otherwise the harm will be incalculable. The Artificial Intelligence (aka  AI ) technology is evolving into the next big thing in the work environment. It will no doubt bring in both efficiency and effectiveness to work and management which is the reason there is a great clamor for it.

High tech is great but it does not offer the one formula or answer to the human problem or challenge of man. Technology works on the same principles of nature as we have seen but lacks the ability to produce life. So it is a shadow model of reality in spite of the sophistication. Technology brings convenience and ease to life by virtue of helping with human activities but lacks the power to give life like the faith of operation of ACA on critical issues . The absence of life besides Source makes man unable to figure out things properly. So often he gets depressed and frustrated from time to time even when she or he has all the material things. It is acknowledging the Source and maintaining a relationship with our Source that gives us the excellent lifestyle of continuous improvement, growth and fulfillment in life that makes BALCH Code-3 superior to the High techs. tools.


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