It works by applying the 3-Key Words – Acknowledgement, Consciousness and Affirmations ( ACA) on the Knowledge Module (KM).

And this makes it possible for us to address every area of our life by simply rolling that aspect of our life and associated activities into Source. And from a Source – Purpose – Use evaluation perspective to establish the outcome and the soul quality.

What does this mean?

It means judging everything we do from these aspects – source, purpose and use. For example your life’s quality and your health even your family can be run through the three parameters to decide what is needed.

Once these are captured and managed properly, human problems can then be addressed with the right solutions for life

As one of the BALCH Code -3 fundamentals will say; there is always one best way to deal with a situation. This is the Word of Source or the Destiny pill for the thing, occasion or situation under consideration. And this starts from the will to acknowledge every good thing in us; to meditate upon them until they form our consciousness and our affirmations and language.

The best ‘language’  quality being faith filled ( positive) words; which becomes the basis of building an abundant and successful life. The kind of life we are born to live on the earth.

The refusal to live this type of life is the reason most people have become philosophical about life. Based on their background, the mind set past learning and education have built in them.

The BALCH Code-3 program tries to find this mind set and work back to Source/ Purpose to establish real use and value. For there is a one best approach or a more excellent way to the issues of life.

We often heard cliches like ‘ have a plan B’ or ‘Heaven help those who help themselves‘. This is good talk but life demands more than that.

BALCH Code-3 as a planning tool and a performance review technique it  emphasizes the condition of the soul; and is able to look beyond human behavior to true motives behind the behavior and actions. It is a fact the SOUL is a part of the inward man. The soul regulates and controls our life on the earth.

The soul is comprised of man’s mind, emotions,will  and intellect. It is where your personality is expressed. It is critical to our reasoning, decision making, choices in life and the various habits we exhibit from day to day.

BALCH Code – 3 is designed to trigger the changes that we need from our inward man so as to effect or make possible the changes we need to have an excellent life. That is the outcome we deserve. This is because it deals with the quality of soul represented by the kind of mind set or attitude we have built over the years.

With BALCH Code3; it is possible to streamline individual personalities with what he or she is naturally fitted or made to do in life. And BALCH Code-3 is built to help you find your purpose, space, vision and fulfillment in life

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