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Full-Service Mortgage Bankers

Your home loan, Estate Agency, and Sourcing needs.

we can approve your loan quickly—usually within 48 hours.

Real Estate

We are Real Estate financiers including mortgages. See

Insurance Services

You can access our various insurance products ( IUL, Term Insurance, and Whole life and Annuity) through these links



To grow your wealth you must understand savings and investments. 
IUL Annuities, Real Estate, Silver and Gold platforms



Onpassive SaaS, PaaS Services.

We are Retailers of cutting-edge internet, cloud, and AI-driven software products like O connect, O Tracker, O Staff, etc. See the link

Our Story

Because We Love


Our Mission

To promote Financial Education, Entrepreneurship, and Total Freedom in our community.

Our Vision.
To build a Digital infrastructure and an Ecosystem of support for individuals and businesses.


To facilitate the flow of resources to the micro sectors
1. Capital
2. Knowledge
3. Working tools and right attitudes in families and workplaces.
4. Protection, Savings, Investment, and Estate planning.

Our Core Values

Our commitment to God is unflinching. We stay on the truth and believe in love
Living a healthy and happy life is part of our job. we put every effort to ensure it.
Science is an integral part of life, Batch Code 3 is life strategy for everyone, everywhere.
Trained staff

We have the best brains, efficient & courteous

Delivers The best

We are the best in the market. Partner with us

Excellent Service

Our Services are top-notch. Totally Unbeatable