batch code-3: a self-management & performance review program. part 1


What Is BALCH Code 3

BALCH Code-3 is a self-management and a performance review program developed by BALCH & Brilliant. The deployment of the program is able to identify individual and Group attitudes; typifying the quality of soul the individual or group has in relation to their current level of performance and productivity. This makes it a Change Management administrator.

BALCH Code-3 is WORD based program. It is primarily targeted to help individuals, families, and organizations gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses in order to manage, correct, and upgrade them and achieve higher productivity and performance. 

First, it is able to identify the dominant mindset or attitude of the individual or group/ organization. And from the initial diagnosis, the program is able to recommend, correct and improve on the overall individual or organization’s present state of affairs until it attains the highest “ Soul Quality” for increased performance and productivity. 

As a Word program, it derives its main inputs from scriptures( the Word ), humanities, and the sciences. It deals with SOURCE, PURPOSE, AND USE and their relationships. This is with the aim to achieve a peaceful, balanced, and harmonious state or coexistence between related parties. For example Man, Source, Vocation, and wholeness.

As a self-management technique it uses the 3 power KEYWORDS on KNOWLEDGE MODULES ( refer to the article on Keywords & Definitions }.

 BALCH Code-3  is a three-part strategy of applying ourselves;




on critical 

KNOWLEDGE MODULES ( life’s critical questions; requesting personal answers). For example, 

Who am I? 

Why am I in the world? 

Why am I like this? 

Whose really am I? 

What have I? 

Where am I from? 

What time is it for me?

As a life management program, BALCH Code-3 understands and has built-in our emotions and spiritual needs into work and play. Meaning it has taken emotions as a very important variant in determining the best soul quality for an individual or group performance and productivity.

Unlike robots which are programmed to have a binary response. Robots are not known to express emotions ( love, feelings, pleasure, etc ). Though they are a great advancement to increased work performance and productivity. The downside is that robots don’t guarantee prosperity, peace of mind, and balance in life the direct interaction of Man, Source, and Work provided under a BALCH Code-3 Of work. As a self-management tool, BALCH Code-3 seeks to establish work/ life balance.

Summary & Conclusion 

  1. Living successfully in life is about the relationships we recognize and manage. Because life is relationship-based. This includes relationships with our SOURCE, with OURSELF, with OTHERS, with the WORLD, and with Evil in the world. BALCH Code-3 is able to loop altogether.
  2. The questions we ask ourselves and the answers we are willing and prepared to give or receive and endorse as our truths give us the lifestyle and quality of life we live.
  3. The BALCH Code-3 program draws answers from man’s two worlds of existence and has developed the ‘ knowledge- bridge’ between the two worlds for a balanced living and fulfillment in life.
  4. It is able to develop the ‘ Inside Advantage ‘for individuals and groups. 
  5. It is a self-management and development tool because of the in-built change provisions.

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