Balch code-3; one formula to resolve your life’s needs


Don’t be too quick to say anything. Because you may want to ask yourself is there such a thing? Yes, there is. Always there is one best way for anything or everything in life. Though we often hear of the various options that people bring forth or exist for different things. It is important we know there is one BEST and ideal way to excellence; though we have popular cliches like “ have a plan B”; “Don’t put your eggs in one basket “; “Heaven help those that help themselves” etc.  These ideas sound good and reasonable because we always believe we can truly help ourselves. Yes, we can but to some extent.

Man is an eternal being naturally limited by time, space, self-guilt, corruption, and by his senses. And that is why we do not know everything. Sometimes people are not clear about where their challenges in life come from. And how to resolve them. But there is one best way to resolve all of that. It is in a simple concept or technique called BALCH Code-3. It is a form of asset in-kind- knowledge. You can refer to it as the ‘knowledge bridge’  between man’s two worlds of existence; highlighting man’s Source and his  ‘ Why’ for being and ‘how ‘ for living. 

The formula for your all-round success is your ability to manage yourself effectively ( as you should )  This is what BALCH Code -3 provides as it is a self-management tool that rolls an individual’s life and activities into a  one ‘Source’ pool of purpose, activities, and Strategies with the corresponding power to do what has to be done. BALCH Code-3 is also known as Life, Business, Change ( LBC ) . These three distinct aspects are taken as a composite in dealing with an individual ( you may refer to it as a batching process). The BALCH stands 

for Business and Life Change. It covers every aspect of our being and our expressions on the earth.

BALCH Code-3 program as a life management technique emphasizes the influence of Source/ Purpose on the quality of a man’s soul and mind in relation to his overall performance as an individual, an association, or an organization. This boils down to living your life on purpose. That is being motivated every day by your reason for being. Which is a sure way to living an abundant life whilst knowing you are spot on fulfilling your destiny; with a good conscience towards God, peace of mind, and goodwill towards all men. This is only possible when one is in sync with purpose by being associated with Source. It is the perfect unity of the spirit of man with the Spirit of God. Between the Maker and the made This is the phenomenon where creation and the creator are synchronized in the heart. It is the equilibrium state where unity is accomplished in and with the soul.

This state of making the individual person intuitively knowledgeable about what is most important at anytime (about his desire and ability to execute ); and at the same time makes goal setting a priority and having a good work habit a second nature by virtue of the presence of the spirit of life at work within the individual BALCH Code-3 compliant person.

 It is common knowledge that old habits are difficult to replace. And to develop new habits require enormous willpower on our part. But by the power released into a man’s spirit by the union with Source in a BALCH Code-3 operation of faith a changed life becomes very easy as the spirit element takes control. This becomes more pronounced as we continue to relate consciously with Source on a continuous basis. It is as a direct plug of the hose to the Fountain of life; which makes a flow of supernatural energy on the spirit, mind, and body of the BALCH Code-3 person. In  other words, it makes the individual a surge of power that is able to break every limitation in the mind and spirit 

The above scenario can be explained by what happens to a non-magnetic object that suddenly obtains magnetic power by virtue of constant rubbing on a magnetic substance. This is the kind of relationship BALCH Code -3  produces between Source/ Purpose and the man who adopts it as a self-management tool. The result is that it produces the right mindset, power, discipline, and skills needed for an abundant life. This is what is needed to resolve everything that could go wrong; which according to Murphy’s law is impossible to ever avoid; as he said all that will go wrong must go wrong no matter what we do. It is emphasizing the fact that we don’t know what we should know because of the limitations people have by virtue of drawing knowledge from the senses alone.

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