Balch code-3; is an application to life & health



BALCH Code-3 is a self or life management tool.  It is designed for individuals or groups/organizations to achieve efficient and effective use of their resources, and increase productivity and benefits within the lifetime of the individual or organization. Similar to what the life and health insurance companies do in life and death situations.

The unique feature of a BALCH Code -3 program is the influence of the Source ( God ) on the decisions of the life and business activities of an individual and /or organization. Always with the aim of maximizing value and reducing losses.

This principle is based on the value Source/ Purpose placed in humans; which is God’s breath of life in us. The human person is very valuable and needs protection against the hazards and perils of living in the world. Such risks like lifestyles, poverty, all kinds of sicknesses and diseases, deaths, and accidents resulting in physical or spiritual dismemberment.

In good times BALCH Code-3 serves as a self-management and performance review technique. And also as a CHANGE management technique and program for individuals and organizations. Its unique ability is that it takes care of our two worlds of existence.( spirit and physical lives).

In insurance, underwriters are interested in determining the actuarial risks of potential insured or applicants with regard to their character, health situation, credit rating, etc. Going through a BALCH Code-3 training can give a good insight into the personality of a potential or existing insurance consumer. First in determining the kind of risk and in determining the premium amongst other factors (e.g policy type, etc ).

Also, a loan officer will require this training to understand the kind of personality requesting credit from them. Is this person a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Premium mindset? And for loan/ underwriters to be trained on the features of each of the personality types. Although there are secondary Credit Reporting Bureaus to give credit report information on individuals and organizations; this is firsthand and primary.

As we discussed in part 6, BALCH Code-3 is an all-encompassing program/ strategy for dealing with life and every aspect of it(  human activities)  that requires management. For instance, your lifestyle, marriage, parenting, running a business, etc. makes it possible for all these to be protected and maintained at very high standards of performance.

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